5 Profitable Online Business Models To Try Right Now

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Right now, we are in the grips of the Covid-19 outbreak and many businesses are freaking out. Especially those business primarily run off-line. All those bricks and mortar businesses, in-person businesses etc.

The biggest question for most is … “How will my business survive now we’re all on lock-down”?

It’s a valid question … it’s a valid worry … but now is the time to start thinking outside the box, get creative and adapt to our new [weird] situation.

One of the most obvious things you can do right now to keep your money coming in and continue having a thriving business is to move it ONLINE!

Most online businesses are doing pretty well right now as the whole world is pretty much glued to their computer, scrolling down their social media feeds, consuming an insane amount of blogs etc. In fact, online sales have increased by 300% in the last few weeks alone.

So getting your business online and in front of all those potential happy shoppers is kind of a no brainer right now … but what exactly could you do for an online version of your business? What options are even available?

The choice of online business model can have a huge impact on future success. So be careful when starting out that you select a model that matches your lifestyle, your goals and your purpose. The following are 5 of the best online business models you can make use of to secure financial freedom.

#1 – Blogging

Blogging rocks! Simple as that. Everyone loves reading blogs and they are so versatile … you can literally create a blog about ANYTHING.

Blogging does take consistency to work and the results may not necessarily be instant, but blogging can be a great way to start making money online.

The key here is to MONETISE your blog!

Even if it is not going to be used as the primary form of income, having a blog is a good way to promote your online products and services and can really bolster your reputation. Plus, it’s the perfect place for you to sell and promote all those amazing affiliate programs you are signed up to.

The main thing with blogging is to stick to one niche and only sell/promote products and services based in that niche.

For example … Say your main off-line business is a beauty therapist. You could create a blog all about beauty, skincare etc. Write really informative, interesting, entertaining blogs that people will love and then you can monetise this by signing up to be a paid promoter, MLM seller of beauty and health products … then just actively promote all of these on your blog and get paid every time someone makes a purchase from your referral or places an order with you for your MLM products.

#2 – YouTube

In many ways, videos are taking over from written content. Video content really is the king of online content now … people just can’t get enough.

In fact, YouTube now rivals Google as a search engine for millions of people. People like videos more than written content and video content has the potential to go viral.

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform and it is easier to create a video than is commonly believed. You can use YouTube to build up a following and then market to them. This method is far quicker than blogging in most instances.

But, just like blogging – think about ways that you can monetise your videos.

For example – Say your online business was a fitness trainer, you could start a YouTube channel where you share workouts, meal-prep tips, home-based exercise info … then you can monetise by promoting different products and services you get paid to promote – such as protein shakes, workout clothes etc.

Also – don’t forget – you can also sell your own online products, like ebooks, online courses etc. I’ll go into these a little more in a moment.

#3 – Physical Products & Merch

Something that is pretty HOT right now is e-commerce [online shops] that sell physical products but instead of you having to stock up on the products and ship them out yourself … you can do something called dropshipping.

Basically it’s where you create your own online shop of products, find a supplier who offers drop-shipping and instead of you posting out products as orders come in, you submit the order to your supplier and they ship it to your customers on your behalf.

One awesome form of this can be done with “print on demand” services.

There are loads of amazing companies out there that allow you to design your own products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, notebooks, iPhone cases, tote bags etc. You upload your designs, they print them and ship them to your customers.

This is actually a really awesome way to create and sell your own amazing and unique merch.

Couple this model with blogging or YouTube and you have a cool online empire which will make you a great income.

#4 – Create an Online Course

If you are an expert on a particular topic, then you should consider creating your own online course.

This is not as difficult as it sounds, but you will still be responsible for marketing and promoting your course but as everyone and their mother is online right now [due to the Covid-19 out-break] you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to reach people via your social media accounts.

But, if you don’t want to do too much of your own promos then try using a social online course platform. Udemy is one of the most well-known online course platforms. With the increase in the price of third-level education, more people than ever are turning to online courses for instruction.

You could create a course on pretty much anything and people are REALLY loving online course right now as they are trying to keep themselves busy and entertained while being stuck at home so much.

For example – Say your off-line business was a nail technician, you could create a really fabulous course that teaches people how to do their own nails at home [because they can’t get to salon]

5 Profitable Online Business Models To Try Right Now 1


#5 – Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to earn money online. You can work from anywhere and leverage your existing skills for compensation.

Anything that can be done remotely can become a freelancing business such as web design, writing, administration tasks etc.

Think about what you are experienced in and knowledgeable on … can this be done remotely? Can it be done virtually? Pretty much all online business use some freelancers at some point. Here at Done For You Divas, we have a full team of remote workers that handle a huge range of tasks, from customer services, writing, advertising, administration tasks, social media management and more.

For example – If your off-line job used to be in administration services, you could market yourself as a Virtual Assistant for fellow online businesses. There are a lot of business out there who need VA’s and this is a great way to make money online.

These are just some example of proven profitable online business models you can do right now.

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