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Use These 6 Simple Tips To Personalize Your Done-For-You Bundles …


Done-For-You content is prewritten content that you can buy, edit and put your name as the creator.

It’s often much less expensive than hiring a ghostwriter. And it saves you valuable time – time you don’t have to spend writing.

But, in order for done-for-you content to offer maximum value, you want to personalise it to fit your audience and brand it as your own.

Additionally, because most done-for-you content is sold to lots biz babes you want to make changes to create original content in the eyes of the search engine.

Here on our Done-For-You shop, we limit the number of each bundle we sell to ensure the content doesn’t get overused. Making it unique and fresh.

Here are six great ways to personalise your Done-For-You content bundles in just a few minutes.


1. Change the subheadings to match your voice and style.

The first and perhaps most important way you can change your done-for-you content is to modify the headline and subheadings to match your voice and style.

For example, 10 Tips to Organize Your Bathroom can become “10 Ways to Eliminate Shitty Clutter in Your Bathroom.”

Changing headings and subheadings is pretty straight forward.

You can often take the first sentence of the next paragraph and make a subheading right from that by asking a question.

For example, the first sentence of this article is “Done-For-You content is prewritten content that you can buy.”

To create a subheading from this you might write … “What Is Done-For-You Content & How To Make It Your Own”


2. Change the keywords

Most done-for-you articles/blogs are written with general keywords in mind.

You probably have specific keywords you’re focusing on.

Take a look at each DFY article/blog and see where you can add your keywords naturally. Many times you can simply do a search and replace.

For example, if the keywords in the DFY piece are “Organising Tips” and you want to change it to “Eliminating Shitty Clutter Tips” it’s a quick change.


3. Add stories

This is my favourite tip!

Start the content with a personal story.

You might share a personal story or a story about a client or customer.

You can also create a fictional story to lead into the purpose of the article.

For example, in this article you might start with a story about a website owner who purchased 100 DFY articles, published them all on her site and didn’t receive the traffic she expected.

And then compare it to a website owner who purchased the same 100 articles, personalised them and grew her traffic by 20%.

Stories help the reader relate to your content and make every piece of DFY content total unique to you.


4. Add a personal example or two.

Sharing a personal example is great when you’re using DFY content in any form within your business.

Your tribe expect to hear you talk about your personal experiences and this not only helps you create awesomely unique DFY content but it helps your tribe connect with you in a much more personal way.


5. Add images

Add photos, graph or chart to the DFY content to add visual interest.

This is particularly important if you normally add images to original content you write.

Images can really make your content stand out and become personal to you. Plus, as a coach/mentor it’s really important for you to connect on a personal level with your tribe so using photos of YOU is a great way to do this.


6. Change the formatting to be consistent with your site’s content

Changing the formatting is another easy way to personalise your DFY content bundles.

For example, if the DFY content is a numbered list, you can change it to be in paragraph form.

Each number becomes a subheading.

Personalising DFY content takes only a couple minutes of your time and it’s also something a virtual assistant can do.

It’s a great way to receive maximum benefit from your DFY content bundles while also providing your readers with unique and valuable content.


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Hi there, I’m Lisajane … the founder & CEO of Done For You Divas.

I’m a single mum of 3 awesome little humans from Wales, UK & a serial business owner.

Not only am I the founder & CEO of Done For You Divas, but I’m also a highly skilled Web & Graphic Designer, Branding Specialist & Content Creator.

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