Can eBooks be the secret to massive business growth?

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So you already have your online business up and running and hopefully, you are now getting a street of clients coming to you for help … which is awesome.

But, as you will be aware … when doing 1:1 work with clients you are limited to the number of clients you can work with at any one time.

And as such, this actually limits the amount of money you can make each month. You are limited to that income every month as you can’t just keep taking on more and more clients every month to increase your income as you only have a certain amount of hours you can work.

This can make business growth slow and difficult, so it is important to have another form of income that is “passive” or automated in some way.

Many biz babes will go and create a course or workshop that is self paces. So they can continue to sell on repeat without having to do anything else.

This really is a great way to continually increase your monthly income but courses can be time-consuming to create and … not everyone wants to sit and do a full course.

So what is the alternative?

Well … it’s eBooks!

I personally love ebooks … I love writing them AND consuming them.


canva ebook template

The key to continued income growth is having something to sell on repeat that does not take away from your time … something you create once and sell on repeat … AND that you can sell automatically.

And eBooks are a sure winner!

Information is constantly being distributed and passed around for free on the internet … via blog posts, social media posts, live videos etc.

But all that free content you are giving away tend to just be the tip of the iceberg of your awesome knowledge … you have so much more to give, so much more that can get people awesome results … so maybe its time to bundle up that knowledge in the form of an ebook and sell it!


People are now relying in information to help them with a huge range of issues, questions, tasks etc. From knowing how to effectively lose their baby weight to creating their first sales funnel.

If the info is needed, wanted and awesome … then people WILL pay!

There are many paper books available that will teach people how to do these things, but much of the time, people are going to the internet to find solutions and find current information on specialized trades.

People what the information and they want it NOW! They don’t want to have to wait till their book is delivered to their home … they want it NOW!

And this is where eBooks come in!

Let’s take a look at some reasons why an E-book can be a great asset:

1. An E-book is digital and can be kept online at a website, not at a warehouse where it has to packages up and shipped out before you customer can get stuck into reading it.

2. Once an eBook has been created once it can be sold, sold and sold again … countless times without you having to do anything else. This makes it a very lucrative product to create for your business

3. eBooks can be sold for a low-end price point which makes selling it even easier. People are more likely to part with £10 for a detailed eBook instead of paying £1000 for a course on the same subject. eBooks sell and they sell easy.

4. You can the option of creating a full eBook series on your chosen subjects and those people who purchased your first eBook are very likely to buy every other eBook you launch in a series.

5. After writing the E-book, the work is done, and it can constantly make money for you.  Of course, the more it is kept updated, and the more E-books one has, the more profit potential there is.

6. When an E-book is sold, the customer does not have to wait for it.  It’s delivered to them instantly, and they can conveniently store it on their computer or laptop, so it is available to them more easily.

7. eBooks are easy and fast for YOU to create. You don’t have to worry about creating a full course, workshop, group coaching program etc. Just write about 1 single thing, make it look attractive to your potential buyers, save it as a PDF and you have an awesome product to sell on repeat.

8. There are very simple and sophisticated internet marketing tools to drive traffic to more of your paid products … a simple eBook can lead someone to your paid course, then onto your 1:1 services.

9. E-books can always be revised and kept updated as fast as one can create new content.  This makes E-books more current than a normal paperback.

10. An E-book can be bought forever.  This gives it an unlimited profit potential … which is EXACTLY what you need if you want your income and business to continue to grow.

11. You can create a whole product library on a wide range of subjects to help your audience. Always having products to sell on particular subjects means you can still make money from your audience even if they are not quite ready to invest in your higher-priced products such as courses or private coaching.

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As you can see … there are a lot of positives around creating eBooks to sell and they can really help keep the money rolling in month after month after month.

So, think about spending some extra time and compile your first E-book, that is high quality and gives the customer great value. 

The time spent doing this can create a steady income stream forever. 

When we start thinking about moving our mindset from trading our time for money to having our assets work for us, we start to shift from having to always work for our money, to letting our E-books work for us.

Now, go jam out some awesome ideas for your new eBook!!!

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