Content Licence Rules

When you make a purchase fro our store, you must abide by our content licencing rules.

We currently have 2 different content licence rules which cover all the content sold on this site.


The majority of the content bundles sold on this site will fall under this licence.

You can edit, rebrand and change any or all parts of the written content and then launch as your own course, workshop, lead magnet, blog.

You can sell your edited workshops and courses to your audience as if you have created the course from scratch – but you must NOT offer any of our content, even when you have edited, in a done-for-you format, as we are here.


  • Workshops/Courses/Lead Magnets  Brand & Sell.

You can edit content. You can sell the edited version to your tribe as a course/workshops etc. You can NOT sell the “done-for-you rights” to other people.




To protect their exclusivity for the sake of all buyers, there are a few rules you must follow.


Here is what you CAN do with the content:

[YES] Teach the content to as many people as you want (as a paid product, bonus, or lead generator]

[YES] Publish the content in your paid membership site

[YES] Use the content as a bonus to a paid product

[YES] Use the content as lead magnet giveaways for building your list of prospects

[YES] Use the content in an autoresponder series or ecourse

[YES] Use the content as the script or visuals for a podcast, video, Hangout, workshop, presentation, or webinar

[YES] Use the content to create tools and training for your team, customers, affiliates

[YES] Edit the content however you wish.

[YES] Put your name and brand on the content

[YES] Put your own name, logo, and/or website on the infographics

[YES] Edit the text in infographics and/or add your own images

[YES] Publish blog posts, articles, tweets, infographics, promo videos, and quote images freely on your own social media accounts and website.

[YES] Can change the format of the content in any way you wish

[YES] Can publish/launch your finished product without needing to credit our site. You may publish/launch your finished products 100% as your own.

[YES] You may pass your editable files to your VA/Support Team to help you edit the content – but they still do not have the right to use them themselves.


Here is what you CAN NOT do:

[NO] You can NOT sell, give away, or pass on the licensing right, resell, or master resell rights to the content. No offering them as “done-for-you” products.

[NO] You can NOT sell, give away, or pass on the editable files to anyone. The exception is any worksheets that your readers or customers need to be able to edit. No offering them as “done-for-you” products

[NO] You can NOT add the content to any done-for-you, private licensing rights membership sites or stores

[NO] You can NOT add the content to free Internet Marketing membership sites or forums

[NO] You can NOT add the content to self-publishing sites such as Amazon and Kindle.

[NO] You can NOT add the content to article directories without substantial rewriting

[NO] You can NOT use any of our cover images/website image as your own [unless these are promo images included in the bundle and stated as such on the sales page]

[NO] You can NOT use the same titles/names as we have used on courses, workshops, lead magnets and blogs. You MUST create your own unique titles/name for your finished product.

[NO] You can NOT use the same headlines or sub-headlines we have used inside the content. You must use your own.

[NO] You can NOT share the content with other consultants, coaches, trainers, or marketers. This is a single-person license. If others are interested in editing and sharing it, you can refer them to my site.




When selling workshops, be sure to price it at a minimum of £47 per person.

When selling courses, be sure to price it at a minimum of £97 per person.

This ensures the value of the content. The cheaper you price something, the less valuable they’ll perceive it. And if it’s too cheap, they’ll question your own expertise.


Your goal should be to demonstrate your value and authority with plenty of smaller, free content and lead magnets. Then sell a larger program or services once you’ve shown what you can do for people.



We have a few bundles on our site that fall under the “personal use only” licensing rules.

This basically means they are for YOUR use only and can not be sold, given away or passed on to anyone else. The main bundles that fall into the licencing rules are, graphics, branding kits, Divi Child Themes and tools/resources.

Below is a full list of our bundles and the licence they fall under.

  • Premium Divi Child Themes – Personal Use Only.

You can not Sell or giveaway. You can edit demo content within the site and the layouts.

  • Blogs/Article Bundles  Personal Use Only.

You can edit Content. You must NOT sell or giveaway. You can post on your own website, blog, membership site, social media platforms.

  • Branding Kits  Personal Use Only.

You can not edit. You can not sell or giveaway. Can only use within your own business.

  • Graphics Bundles  Personal Use Only.

You can not edit. (unless using the blank templates or adding your logo/name) You can not sell or giveaway.



 Breaching any of these rules or misuse of any of our bundles may result in legal action against you.

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