Content Licence Rules

By making a purchase from our sites, you must understand and abide by our licencing rules.

All of our content is protected by our licence agreements and any breach of use could lead to legal prosecution.

All of our products come with a:


Personal Use is defined as –  using products downloaded/purchased from our Websites for your own personal use. This means the items are not sold or distributed.

You can not resell our products as your own, even after you have edited them.

Personal use = 1 user [the person who made purchase]. You can not give our products to someone else to use.


Below is a full list of our bundles and the licence they fall under.


  • Canva TemplatesPersonal Use Only.

You can not sell or giveaway our templates in template form, even if you have edited/changed them. You can not sell or give away the templates once you have edited them and created an end product with them [exception below] Only you can use our templates for your own personal needs. You can not give anyone access to the templates for them to use.

* exceptions – Our Canva ebooks templates, workbooks template, lead magnet templates can be used to create your own commercial products to sell to your customers. This means you can use them to create your own ebooks etc and then sell your finished ebook to customers. You are not permitted to sell the templates in template form. 

  • Premium Divi Child Themes – Personal Use Only.

You can not sell or giveaway. You can edit demo content within the site and the layouts.


  • Branding Kits – Personal Use Only.

You can not edit our branding kits, they come in pre-made form. You can not sell or giveaway. Can only use within your own business.


Breaching any of these rules or misuse of any of our bundles may result in legal action against you

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