Crazy Busy? 3 Tips To Reset Your Work-Life Balance

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A few days back I received an email that escalated from a simple question to a long and deeply personal telephone conversation. 

It was from a person that’s been in the life coach niche for about three years now.

Like all of us, her journey has been a mix of the highest highs and the lowest lows. 

Though lately, it seems as if the lows are more commonplace and the successes fewer and farther between. 

She feels like she’s been failing as a life coach…

failing as a wife…

failing as a mother…

failing as a human being…

Her pain is all centred around her struggles in balancing her online business and her responsibilities at home. 

And Dee’s story isn’t the first I’ve heard. I’ve heard hundreds of stories just like hers.  

Unfortunately, experiences like Dee’s are becoming commonplace — and to be honest, Dee’s experiences have matched my own. 

I’ve been there, and I’ve felt exactly like her so 👏🏻 many 👏🏻  times 👏🏻. 

Sometimes I still do. 

Effective time management is important —  for entrepreneurs; it’s absolutely crucial … 

For women entrepreneurs???  … More so. 

As women and business owners we juggle many roles. 

We are caregivers, chauffeurs, pharmacists, teachers, housekeepers, referees, accountants, storytellers, hairstylists, teachers, doctors, therapists, monster killers, inspirational speakers, handywomen, spiritual advisors, peacekeepers, cooks, bakers (candlestick makers 😉). 

We are also mothers, daughters, best friends, spouse/partner, granddaughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and cousins. 

And last but not least, entrepreneurial superstars! 

If we had 48 hours in a day, we’d still find it challenging to balance all of our responsibilities. 

We wear many hats! 

Running a business and managing a busy home life can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and confused.  

Like we are missing the mark. 


Can we have a talk about this because, quite honestly, it breaks my heart? 

Have you ever felt like Dee and I? 

This entrepreneur thing sure is harder than it looks…

Thanks to social media, it’s impossible not to hear about everybody else’s “overnight successes.” 


While you keep toiling away, day after day, thinking your big break has got to be right around the next corner.  

According to Facebook and Twitter everyone is crushing it… 

… while you watch your business die a slow and painful death, feeling like the only thing you think you’ll succeed at is becoming the next “up and coming” entrepreneurial failure.

I wish I had a magic pill — take one tablet at bedtime, when you wake up, you and your business will be the next success story on Instagram! 

But I don’t…

… so I can’t. 😫

What I can do for you is to share three of the most successful tips that I use every day to achieve a more harmonious balance between home and business. 

Let’s get into it! 

1 – Work in Time Blocks Instead of Multitasking.

Time blocking is a time management method in which you divide your day into blocks of time, instead of an open-ended to-do list.

Each block of time is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task. 


  • 8am – 11am | Continue working on the newest content bundle.
  • 11am – 11:15am | Break 
  • 11:15am – 12:30pm | Email & Messages 
  • 12:30pm – 1:30pm | Lunch 🥙 
  • 1:30pm – 2:00pm | Business Management 
  • 2:00pm – 3:45pm | Social Media Management
  • 3:45pm – 4:00pm | Break
  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm | Email & Messages 
  • 5:00 – 5:30pm | Prep for tomorrow

If you can get into the habit of using time blocking techniques you will accomplish more in a typical 8 hour day, than you would sweating over a to-do list for 12 hours straight! I promise…

2 – Unclip Yourself from the Electronic Leash…

While working you hear the chime of a notification on your phone. Do you look? 

I bet you do…:) 

Just like Pavlov’s dogs that would start drooling when they heard the bell — we’ve become conditioned to respond when we hear the ding of our phones. 

When work consists of using our phones and tablets on a daily basis, we can easily become distracted by the very tools that we need to complete our work. 

A ‘quick’ email notification leads to you checking on your Facebook.  

You find a Facebook notification from Aunt Becky with a link to a really cute video that she saw last night.  

That cute video leads to the next video… then to the next video… to the next…

(I found myself once spending an embarrassing amount of time watching a loop of Brad Mondo ‘hair reveal’ videos ✋🏻) 


From there, you better check Twitter and Instagram while you’re at it…

Sound familiar?  

I know it does!! 🤣😂  

No fibbing!  

It’s like we’ve become terrified to be disconnected from the world, even for a few hours. 

Instead of bringing your phone with you to your work station … why not leave it in another room? 

If that’s not possible, then silence your phone and turn in facedown on your desk! 

Say “NO” to distractions! 

Last but not least…

3 – Spend mornings doing your most important tasks…

This is such a simple idea.  

When making your time block list your hardest task first.  

You have the most amount of energy in the morning, why not make the best use out of it.  

Not to mention that you can then carry that feeling of accomplishment with you all through the day!  

Give these tips a try…

I’ve had more success in managing my chaotic world since I’ve started utilizing them.  

and… I’m sure you will too. 

First, implement; then use these quick and easy tips everyday! 

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So while you’re excited about the potential behind having a real-life’ friendly schedule

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