How Giving Away Free Content Can Make You More Sales

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Here’s an interesting concept …

Give away free stuff and make money.


The idea is simple. I’m sure you’ve gotten product samples in the past that were handed out with the hope that you would buy more once you got a taste. You can do the same with your content and start monetizing it right away by focusing on backend sales.



Here’s how it works …

Once you have the product you want to promote created, think about a topic that’s related to what you cover in your main info product.


Ideally, you want to talk about something readers need to know before they buy your product, or you can even repurpose the first little bit of content.


For example, if your product teaches people how to get their first website up and running, a good topic for a free short report would be why you need a website for your business, or how to find a web host for example.


Of course, a free report isn’t your only option.


If you offer a video course, you could send them to the first lesson, hold a free webinar, or create some other free content for them. For the purpose of this post, let’s use a free short report that prospects can download as an example.



Free Report With Offers Inside

One way to start monetizing your freebie is to simply make product recommendations directly in the report.


You can work them in throughout the content where appropriate, add a dedicated page of recommended resources or create a short call to action at the end inviting your readers to check out your main product.


Of course, you can also mix and match these ideas.



Free Report To Build Your List

In addition to “just” giving away the report, you can also use it as a lead generator.


Set up an opt-in page, and give the short report away in exchange for an email address. This helps you build a list of prospects.


In addition to getting sales from links clicked within the content of the report, you can also follow up with your list and make product recommendations.


It’s a great way to build yet another business asset.



Bonus Reports That You Can Offer To Others

Last but not least, consider giving the short report away as a bonus.


This could be as a bonus for your own products, or those of other marketers. A great way to make this into an attractive offer for another info product seller is to take the original short report with the offer to your paid product in it and edit it so the link to your sale page is the affiliate link for this other marketer.


Then allow her to offer it as a free bonus to anyone that buys a product, or even as a free opt-in freebie.


When someone reads the report, clicks on the link, and buys your product, the marketer will get an affiliate commission.


It’s a win-win situation.


You get your content and offer in front of lots of new people, and the info product seller has a bonus that adds value for her customers and the chance to make affiliate commissions.


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