How To Make Massive Profit With Done-For-You Bundles

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Discover how you can make over £5000 PROFIT from a £97 investment.

Hey there girl,

It’s Lisajane here – I just wanted to kick off our new blog section with a personal message to you and also share some amazing information on how YOU can massively profit from your done-for-you bundles.

First of all – thanks for being here and being part of our biz babe tribe taking advantage of our amazing bundles … you are going to love them.

Even more so when you discover just how much money and growth you can get from our content.

I love DFY products and have used them myself many times in my business-building journey.

Now, there is a real reason why DFY content is so freaking hot and that’s because the ROI on these things is next-level awesome.

But … you have to know HOW to use them and how you can squeeze every ounce of awesomeness from each bundle.

I’m going to be creating a number of insightful “how-to” guide and training to help you.

So let’s dive in …

The very first thing you need to know about DFY content is that you should ALWAYS edit it!

The same DFY bundles are purchased by many different biz babes and if everyone who purchased them just launched them without editing anything, then they will all be trying to sell the exact same products.

It just doesn’t work!

But editing your bundles doesn’t need to be a chore – infant, it’s really simple and easy and something you should defiantly want to do.

Our bundles have been created to have all the main info you need in them to teach your tribe – all you need to do is add your own stories, experiences, words you always use [to make it sound like you] and also renaming the products.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make more money with your DFY bundles ….


Live workshops, training, course are HOT HOT HOT and people will pay a premium for these.

Not only will your tribe be getting amazing training but when they attend a live session then get the added bonus of having YOU there to personally answer any questions as and when they come up.

Also, you can open up the “phone line” to bring your participants on and talk 1:1 with you for even more amazing benefits.

This is a hot as ball set up and is so beneficially to your tribe.

Depending on how long your workshop/training course is, will depend on how much you can sell it for. But below you will see a rough guide on what you could sell these for:

1 off live training session that’s run for about 2+ hours = £97 – £297

4 Part live training running over 4 weeks = £297 – £597

Longer live training running over 10-12 weeks = £597 – £2000

One thing you must remember when creating a live training is that this really is classed as a premium format because your tribe will have direct and live access to YOU!



When you are running you live training don’t forget to record it!

Once you have it all recorded you can then resell, resell, resell!

You’ve done the main work once, now all you need to do is set the recorded training up as a self-study course and sell it repeatedly.

You can easily set up a “learning centre” or a membership style section on your website which will house all your recordings.

Once people press that BUY NOW button on your sales page, you can set up an automated email via your autoresponder to give them instant access to the training.

As this will be set up as a self-study, you don’t really need to do anything more. Just drive traffic to the sale pages.

If you want to add more value to this self-study set up, you could do some of the following:

– Do weekly/monthly live Q&A sessions

– Create a private Facebook support group so people can access you or your team for online support

Again, depending on how long your training is will determine your price but as a rough guide you could price a recorded self-study training as follows:

One-off training with facebook group support = £97 – £197

10-week training with live Q&A’s = £197 – £297


So many biz babes are losing a sh!t tonne of sales because they have leaks in their back-end …

That kind of sounds like some gross medical issue …

But I’m talking about potential sales behind your main sales/freebies.

Our DFY bundles usually come with some added extras such as a lead magnet, ebooks, smaller training etc.

You can grow your profit with these too.

Most of our lead magnets can actually be used to create a mini-training or ebook with you can sell rather than give away for free.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating a sales page on your thank you pages after someone has signed up for one of your freebies.

Once someone signs up, they are redirected to a thank you page and on that page, you present them with a “mini offer”.

These are usually best priced on the low end … such as £7-£27.

The idea is to offer high-value content but keep the price so low that it’s a no brainer for people to buy from you.

Once you have a back-end sales set up like this, then you could utilise something like Facebook ads to drive traffic to your freebie.

You’ll be growing your lists and filling your sales funnel full of hot leads, plus making some sales on your thank you page AND then making even more sales once people are presented with your main off in your funnel!


Just so you know … it’s been proven that people who buy once are more likely to be repeat buyers …even if their first purchase has been a small one.


Your tribe don’t have hours, days, weeks to scroll around the internet trying to find the training, resources, support they need.

They are busy, they are stressed, they are overwhelmed and …

They want help/results right now!

So why don’t YOU give it to them what they need?

Creating a small product library on your website using our DFY bundles will mean your tribe will have everything they need all in one single point of contact.

Create ebooks, courses, workshops, resources and then sell these on auto from your site.

Automated [or passive] income is what is going to REALLY help you create amazing income in your business, so setting up as many different passive income streams as possible is what you want.

Clients love product libraries as it means they don’t have to go looking in different places for stuff.

They will also help your tribe to stay with you for longer.

Like I said before, most people will become repeat buyers as they already know, like, trust you and have already invested their time and money with you.

They want more … so give them more.

1 single person and go from freebie – low-end sales – course then jump into your 1:1 program.


Our blog posts can also be monetised too … they are not just for filling up your blog with new content.

There are so many different ways you can use these to really maximise your ROI.

The most obvious use is on your blog … but you need to remember to motive your blog too. If you are not selling on your blogs then you are missing HUGE amounts of sales.

Blogs are pretty cool places to use affiliate links on, so before you press “publish” on your next blog, check to see if you have an affiliate link that you can add within the content.

If you are not yet set up with any affiliates – do it! It’s yet another income stream!

Also, within your blogs, you could be promoting your own products and freebies. Don’t forget to add your CTA’s within your blogs.

Another way you can use your blogs posts is by using them to create content for your social media accounts.

You know that saying … “Content is king” … well, it’s true!

You know you have to be constantly coming up with new content for your followers so why not use your DFY blogs for this?

Repurposing these blogs, with any links or sales pitches is a great way to fill your social media account with awesome content, get more eyes on your sales page [making more sales] and even increase your following and visibility too.

The next way to cash in on your DFY blogs is to use them to create your sales funnels.

Coming up with kickass content for a sales funnel can be a real-time suck … let alone a bloody energy suck.

I used to hate writing content for my funnels.

Your sales funnel has the potential to be an awesome sale machine for you … but you really do need to fill it with some cool value-packed information that people will actually want to read!

You need to make sure people are eager to open your next email so packing the with your well-written blogs is a great way to do this.

By the time they get to the end of your sales funnel that are eager and ready to step up and purchase your main offer!!

There is so much you can do with your DFY bundles – you just need a little creativity and keep asking yourself before you post or launch ANYTHING is …

“How can I monetise this?”.

One of my biggest tips for you right now is a very simple one but so many people fail to do this.

They feel it’s not necessary or pointless but this simple thing can be the difference between bringing in huge amounts of money and noting bringing in a penny.

What am I talking about?


Nothing makes me cringe more than when I hear about people buying DFY content and then just launching it without any plan of action.

Ok, so sometimes, some people have ok results doing this way but in reality, if they took time out to plan it all … they would get even better results.

When you purchase your bundles from us and after you have done all your editing and branding … take some time to actually plan out your launch.

You need to know when and where you’ll launch or publish your new content.

You need to plan out each stage and set deadlines and time frames.

You need to set yourself some awesome sales goals and know how you can track these.

Planning your launches doesn’t need to be overwhelming or time-consuming and once you have planned 2 or 3 … you’ll be able to rinse and repeat over and over again for everything you launch.

Using DFY content bundles has huge benefits for your business and can help you generate some amazing income.

Just look at the potential ROIs below …

You buy one of our DFY bundles for £97

You rebrand it and launch a full live course and sell this for £197 per person.

Get just 30 people signed up which means you just made £5910 in sales.

That is a whopping £5813 PROFIT!!

Then you can resell, resell, resell, resell … rinse, repeat … over and over.

You have the potential to make great money just by giving your tribe what they want and need in the form of courses, workshops, ebooks and resources … but now you no longer need to spend months in researching, writing and planning as we have done all that for you.

I hope you enjoyed this “how-to” guide and got some awesome ideas on how you can really monetise the sizzle out fo your DFY bundles.

Watch this space for more awesome tips, tricks, tutorials from me as I have many more coming your way!

If you have any suggestions or requests for “how-to” articles or tutorial videos, then please drop them below. I’m always up for hearing what YOU need and want!!!


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