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Hey Diva … so let’s talk about affiliate marketing, shall we?

Affiliate marketing really is an awesome way to add more $$$ to your bottom line … in fact … I know quite a few biz babes who make amazing monthly income just from their affiliate sales alone!

Selling products someone else created has to be one of the easiest ways to make money online … I mean, you don’t have to put in all that time, effort and money creating a product and then worry about if it will even be popular … someone else has done all that for you … you just simply promote and share and make money from each sale!

Winner, winner!

In my time online, I’ve seen so many people win and succeed with Affiliate marketing. But I’ve also seen a lot fail!

There are a number of reasons why some win and some flop … the main reason for floppage [that’s my made-up word of the day lol] is just down to not giving it enough attention, love or real effort.

If you’re just getting started with affiliate programs … then keep reading as I’m sharing some quality info that will help you get more commissions from your efforts.

While some of these ideas might seem obvious, they’re important enough to make sure that new marketers don’t overlook some of the more simple concepts in order to succeed with affiliate marketing.


Just because other top marketers are promoting Program X, doesn’t mean you should. 

If you see advertisements and articles all over the Internet promoting a program that teaches people how to make money, for instance, and they’re carrying on about how great it is and how much money you could make, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the same success.

Many of these ‘top’ Internet marketers had extensive mailings lists and a network of promotional websites [and many have their own team of affiliates too] when they began promoting the product, so naturally, their sales will be outstanding.

They’ll offer you lots of affiliate marketing tips about how to promote that one product [maybe even making a profit when YOU do so, if you click to the program through their site]. But, if everyone and his yellow dog are promoting product X, then it’s already a very saturated market.

I’m pretty sure every single female entrepreneur has been the “victim” of the B-School by Marie Forlio affiliate spam fest that happens every year.

Every year Marie opens up her infamous B-School and has a HUGE team of affiliates who go about and bombard their email lists and social media with promo posts for B-School … desperately trying to get the commission.

Because there are soooooo many affiliates, all sending out promo emails at the same time, it doesn’t take long for our inboxes to be full with nothing but emails about B-school … all from different people.

Promoting a popular program like this might seem like easy money because it’s such a popular program but in reality – as everyone is promoting it, its becomes overkill and not as many affiliates sales come in as you might think.

So rule number one … don’t fall into the trap of only marketing these big, popular, infamous products … you need to a wider range of products to market.

Market products/programs that interest YOU, or that you have actually tried yourself. 

This is one of the most valuable and often overlooked affiliate marketing tips out there. The best way to enjoy and profit from affiliate marketing is to concentrate in an area that you know and like.

Niche affiliate marketing is the technical term for choosing a niche [parenting, social media growth, holistic health, even money-making programs] and concentrating your efforts in that area.

If you try to make money by building websites and promoting products you have no interest in, it’s possible for you to make money, but you’ll get no joy from the act. You’ll put more time and effort into something you enjoy, and it will show in your profits. Diversify!!!


If you know and love our products, then you may be interested in joining our affiliate program.

We offer a whopping 40% commission on sales!

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This is another of the top affiliate marketing tips.

Within your niche, promote several related merchants instead of just one. Choose at least 3 or 4.

You can monitor your progress with each individual program and better tailor your efforts, and choose future merchants based on that information.

For me personally, I do affiliate marketing for things such as Divi Theme or Canva as I know and love these. I use them every single day in my businesses and I am an actual user and fan of them.

So, it’s easy for me to market these and make affiliate sales. I can create content around these products with total ease that actually comes from my love for the products.

I would never become an affiliate marketer for say, B-school, as I’ve never done the program or really know what it’s about.

So, make sure you are choosing products and programs that YOU have tried, love and are willing to promote with gusto!



Finally, offer good content on your website, blog, emails and social media accounts.

If people arrive at your site by some miracle and find that it’s clearly only there as a gateway to several other programs, chances are they’ll go and never come back.

Anyone who’s been on the Internet for a while can recognise when someone is selling something.

And there’s nothing wrong with selling, but when it comes to affiliate marketing, there’s a right way to do it.

Fill your site with content that will interest your visitors, surprise them, delight them and teach them something new.

Offer outstanding content … give them free info that will actually help and entertain them. If you are creating content solely just to make a sale, then you’re missing the point.

Yes … content sells.

Well, good content sells. And it’s good business sense to always have sales in the back of your mind when creating content … but …

Creating content from a place of actually wanting to help, support and entertain your reader is what it’s really about.

That kind of content will sell for you and your readers are going to keep coming back for more!

If they get more than just a sales pitch when they browse your site/blog/social media post, they’re more likely to click that affiliate link and earn you a commission.

Good content … this is probably one of the most important affiliate marketing tips out there.

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